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Photoshop CS5 Overview Panel Released!

CS5-panelWell, finally it is here! Thanks for your patience. And thanks to the hard working Configurator team at Adobe for their support in rectifying some, simple but, frustrating problems.

Finally we can bring you the latest in-Photoshop custom panel featuring a combination of techniques from a source you trust with the power of Photoshop CS5. To coincide with the release of CS5 we have put together our most comprehensive offering ever. Get the low-down on all the top new features, see them in action in our great videos and then put them to work on your own files - all from inside Photoshop CS5. We even include an e-version of our much celebrated 38 page Photoshop CS5 article in PDF (Acrobat) format, just in case you missed it in Better Photoshop Techniques magazine Issue 22. Just go to the magazine's online store at www.betterphotoshoptechniques.com to buy and download your copy today.

Don't want to miss out on our take on the most important release of Photoshop to date? Just click here to go straight to the panel entry in the BPT store.



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